A Summer in the High Sierra — Photos

This series of photos are a selection from the book, arranged in the proper running order. Below, you'll also find a link to other High Sierra and Northern California photos.

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Unicorn, Cathedral Peaks from Soda Springs

Mt. Lyell, Lyell Canyon, June 2008
Donahue Pass, suncups
Island Pass
Banner Peak from Garnet Lake, June 2001
Lake along John Muir Trail

Silver Divide, Tully Hole

Cotton Lake outlet creek

Red Slate Peak from Cotton Lake
Cotton Lake
Ice, Silver Pass Lake
Ice, Silver Pass Lake, morning
Flowers, JMT

Flowers, Pocket Meadow

Medley Lakes

Medley Lakes

Marie Lake from Selden Pass
South Fork, San Joaquin River
McClure Meadow, Evolution Valley
Evolution Valley


Stepping-stones, Evolution Creek crossing

Sunset, Sapphire Lake

Sunrise, Sapphire Lake, August 2000
Wanda Lake
View north from Muir Pass
Black Giant reflection, "Barbara Lake"

Clouds, Black Divide

Sky, upper Palisade Lake

Palisades from Mather Pass
Storm clouds, Upper Basin
Upper Basin
Upper Basin

Upper Basin
Morning mist on lake
Woods Creek above Paradise Valley
Golden Gate of the High Sierra
Lake Marjorie
Clouds, peaks above Lake Marjorie
Morning, lake below Lake Marjorie, Cirque Crest and Palisades


Shoreline, flowers, lower Palisade Lake

Mt. Boltin Brown from lower Palisade Lake
Morning, top of the Golden Staircase
Black Giant reflection "Gordon" Lake
JMT below Helen Lake
Muir Hut Darwin Canyon, first lake

Evolutions from Darwin Bench
Piute Creek, Hutchinson Meadow
French Canyon
Lake near Pine Creek Pass
Granite Park
Sunset, Granite Park
Morning, Granite Park


View west from Italy Pass
Lake Italy
Hilgard Branch above Bear Creek
Sunset, Chief Lake, August 2001

Ritter Range, San Joaquin Canyon from Crater Meadows
Hemlock Crossing, August 1995
Ritter Range, North Fork of the San Joaquin, August 1995


Lower Isberg Lake
Lyell crest from Vogelsang Pass, September 2008
Great Western Divide from Bighorn Plateau
Gallats Lake
Kern-Kaweah River
Wallace Lake
Wright Lake


Boulders, tree, ridge, sky, Wright Lake
Foxtail pines, Whitney Crest, Bighorn Plateau

Whitney Crest from Bighorn Plateau
Morning, Great Western Divide from Upper Kern
View south from Lake South America Trail
View southwest from Forester Pass
Sky, Dusy Basin, August 2000